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  • Nobby waterbottle of glass


    Flat-backed water bottle sits against the cage more snugly than all-round stylesHydrate your pets the "green" way with this glass and stainless steel no-drip bottleChew-proof design prevents pets from destroying the spoutIf you're a fan of the glass waterer, you'll love this flat-backed design that fits snugly against the wall of the cage. Eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottle features a

  • Ferplast FPI Drinky drinking bottle


    Bottle with plastic clip to easily attach and securely to the side of your pet cage. Made using non-toxic, recyclable transparent plastic. Has a rubber seal inserted between the spout for a snug fit between the bars and your bottle. The stainless steel spout has a plastic insulating gasket and 2 stainless steel ball bearings to guarantee a perfect watertight seal. The spout is also detachable,

  • Crystal De-Luxe water bottle


    The Crystal De-Luxe range of animal drinking bottles are high strength and crystal clear and they are produced from fully recyclable bottle material.