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  • Ferplast Greta black


    Greta birdcages are tailor-made by our designers to accommodate birds like cockatiels and are also suitable for budgies. A special opening at the top allows you to give your birds a few moments of freedom. This version is made of varnished wire mesh, with a black base and an ivory-coloured removable tray. The cage is also available in the version with brass-coated wire mesh.

  • Ferplast Gala


    Bird cage suitable for cockatiels and other small parakeets.

  • Ferplast Viola


    Suitable for Cockatiels and other parakeets.Complete with feeders, perches and mirror.Modern colours and design.Sliding tray for improved cleanliness and hygiene.Width: 33cmHeight: 80cmLength: 59cm

  • Ferplast Sonia


    Suitable for Cockatiels, Small Conures, Rosellas and small parakeets.Large bird cage equipped with feeders and adjustable perches. Removable base for easy cleaning.Width: 40cmHeight: 65cmLength: 61.5cm

  • Ferplast Ibiza Open white

    €96.95 €81.95

    Thanks to Ibiza Open, canaries and exotic birds can have some moments of freedom: this birdcage has a rectangular base and a door at the front that can be opened up completely and has a perch. When necessary, this opening is especially useful for daily care and cleaning, or if you need to give your little friends some fresh vegetables. Thanks to the Brava 2 removable swivel feeders, it is easy to

  • Ferplast Giulietta


    Giulietta is a bird cage with a basic, linear design, characterized by a structure with columns and frame made of robust wood. Medium or large-sized, is suitable to welcome canaries or small exotic birds. It is also equipped with a deep wooden base with a removable plastic tray for easy and fast cleaning. The small front door has been designed for everyday maintenance operations. Complete with

  • Ferplast Palladio


    Stable, attractive cage with elegant domed-roof giving a wonderful, panoramic view

  • Ferplast Stand Giulietta


    This wooden stand is the ideal accessory for Giulietta 4 bird cages. Made from TREE FRIEND wood, that is coming from responsibly managed forests only, ths stand is equipped with a useful support and wheels for easy movement.Size: 57 x 30 x 70 cm  (l x d x h)