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  • Smartcat ultimate Litter Mate


    The Ultimate Litter Mat is the perfect solution to your litter problems.  Especially if you use a lightweight litter.  This reversible double layered mat traps litter on contact.  It also is made of a soft material so it feels good on your furry friends paws.  The Ultimate Litter Mat also makes clean up a breeze.  All you do is roll it up and dump it out.

  • Pet Republic Litter Mate Mat


    The Litter Mate (40x60cm) is like a welcoming doormat for your feline friend. The fact that it serves to make sure that muddy paws are not trailed into the house is the real bonus though. With its absorbent fibres, you can make sure that your floors and carpets stay protected. It acts to ‘grip and not slip’ keeping your feline friend firmly planted on the ground. When needed, all you

  • Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat


    Cat owners appreciate the benefits of having the Paw Cleaning Litter Mat. The litter mat is designed to remove litter that becomes lodged in cat's paws. Angled louvers that run across the mat, capture and hide the litter from view as cats walk across it. For a clean and attractive solution to cat litter mess, choose the Omega Paw, Paw Cleaning Litter mat.